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From 12:00 am to 8:00 am the so-called quiet hours exist in the Complex. In the given hours, the loud music or the activity, which will violate the coziness of the surrounding people, is limited.

Maintenance work, changing the fa├žade and exposition of flags, pictures, banners or other promotional materials on the balcony is not allowed without permission from the management

It is not allowed to leave waste in corridors, halls or other common places. Waste can be dumped in rubbish bins, which are placed throughout the complex.

Drinking alcohol is prohibited in the public places, except for the specially designed places.

Pets are allowed at the territory with necklace and muzzle only. Pet owner is obliged to clean the area polluted by the animal.

Throwing the items in the swimming pools / water park, going into the water with clothes / shoes, bringing food or drink is prohibited. Private parties can be arranged only in agreement with the management of the Complex

Moving through the territory can be ensured through the electric vehicles only. Driving the motor vehicle is prohibited, while the maximum speed limit for movement at parking place is 10 km/h.

Owners of the apartment located on the ground floor should protect and maintain the functional purpose of their garden. Placement of no building or construction of any kind in the garden / yard is permissible.

In case of violation of the rules, the owner shall be imposed sanctions envisaged by the administration. The sanctions may contain the verbal warning, fines or limitation of use of complex infrastructure. Furthermore, the owner is obliged to reimburse the damage caused by him / her to the Complex. The owner shall be entrusted with the obligations and penalties caused by the violation of the rules by his / her guests / residents.
If necessary, the Complex administration reserves the right to adjust the rules, regarding which the owners will be informed at least 10 days before the amendments.

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